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daten sensorium transforms your data in connected information to build knowledge. This is a necessary step for a better understanding of your enterprise, your products or users. Connected information improve the ability for more effective communication and enables you to make better decisions in business. daten sensorium helps you in making sense of raw data to build value based on its information.


Competences of daten sensorium are mostly in the fields of data analysis and visualization. Services spread from infographics up to predictive analytics and scales from small to big data. Your raw data can be processed for statistical analysis, designed for marketing purposes or prepared to enable better decisions. Also predictive or recommendation models can be made based on machine learning techniques.


If you are interested in the user experience of your products, daten sensorium helps you with UX research. Services range from building research plans over carrying out surveys to analyzing results. This should help you to improve continuously your products and services.

If you are curious how daten sensorium can help in making sense of your data, please contact me

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